You can’t solve a problem until you fully understand it.

What is needs analysis? 

By systematically investigating performance gaps, BCA can determine the exact barriers, challenges, and opportunities.  Once we’ve presented our findings to the customer, our design experts select appropriate and cost-effective interventions. In many ways, the analysis phase is the most critical in the development process.  Without an expert on your side, you may well miss the actual performance barriers.

How do we do it?  handshake

BCA uses proven data gathering techniques including taskanalysis, interviews, focus groups, and expert assessment to identify the gap between the model situation and the business reality.  As the gaps are identified, BCA evaluates them to determine the best combination of solutions. After all, not all training is created equally.  To provide the most beneficial and cost-effective solution, we will recommend facilitated training when it’s necessary.  BCA will also identify situations that require non–training solutions like procedures, policy issues, providing the right tools, feedback systems, and reward systems.