Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System makes it easy to deliver personalized training to your entire organization. Whether you are a global enterprise or local operation, you can leverage the power and simplicity of BCA’s LMS to connect your customers, partners, and employees in a seamless and on-demand learning system.

Our LMS is a secure training delivery and recordkeeping solution that features a simple, intuitive user interface. Employees throughout the organization can view course descriptions, register for classroom programs, and complete online training with just a few mouse clicks. If scored exams or assessments  are part of your curriculum or certification process, the BCA system supports automatic test scoring and tracking of results. A full range of real-time management reports, including standard and ad hoc reports tailored to your organization’s specific needs, are clearly indexed and coded for easy access.

The BCA LMS offers all these benefits – backed by a consistently high level of personal support -- to help you devote less energy to managing the detail and more on managing your business.